Welcome to my 99 in 999!!!

Welcome, so as of lately I discovered someone's blog who is doing this whole 99 in 999... which is basically obtaining 99 goals in 999 days. I first thought about how 999 days is a long ways a way and in a sense, it just gives me more time to procrastinate... but then I figured with some of the things I wanna do, I won't be able to do them in say just 1 or two years... so the 999 is pretty good. So at the bottom of this page, I will be starting to create my 99 list... this may take a while... so I am not going to start a countdown untill my list is fully created. As this creation may take a while, I am going to open up the lines for any suggestions on things that should go on the list... Hopefully this list and blog will help me cut down on my procrastination and my inability to stay focused and remember things. Mainly though, give me goals to work towards and personal drives to keep me going. Our lives need a little excitement. Well... we're off..................

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Update

Well, I haven't been staying up to date with this thing, so I am going to do some-what of a summer so far update of a few goals a obtained.

48. grow beard to atleast 3 1/2 in. below chin

I obtained this during the summer period. At that point I took a specimen from my beard and stretched out it measured in at 4 1/2 in. When I originally created this goal it was about 2 1/2 and I had thoughts of wanting to shave it off, so I wanted to do atleast a good sized beard. Lately though I have thought about going longer before I cut it. I've invested so much time and effort into it now that I should keep taking it to the extreme as long as I can hold out. So we will see where things go from here.

74. mail post cards from each cool place I go during the summer

So I kind of completed this goal, even by going back to a few places just to get the post cards. But in the end, I had forgotten about the goal during my first trip out to carlsbad caverns and its way to far to go back just for a card, so I succumb to a partial.

77. sleep under the stars

I always slept in tents when outside, so I really wanted to sleep under the stars so I could fall asleep staring up at gods masterpiece. The hardest thing about sleeping outside is the insects or animals. Luckily I found a place in which those things aren't to be feared. Out here in Albuquerque they don't have mosquitos or insects of the biting sorts and the ones they do have aren't located at Chris' current apartment. We have a paupason outside behind a small 4 foot wall that is more oval shaped than a circle. One night I decided that I wanted to sleep outside as it was cooler than inside and being off the ground in a padded bowl with little chance of being bit by something. So I went for it and have been doing it for the past 5 nights, its wonderful!

So, my hope is when I return back to South Carolina I will have a bit more drive to keep this up to date and have more blogs about my progression through some goals.