Welcome to my 99 in 999!!!

Welcome, so as of lately I discovered someone's blog who is doing this whole 99 in 999... which is basically obtaining 99 goals in 999 days. I first thought about how 999 days is a long ways a way and in a sense, it just gives me more time to procrastinate... but then I figured with some of the things I wanna do, I won't be able to do them in say just 1 or two years... so the 999 is pretty good. So at the bottom of this page, I will be starting to create my 99 list... this may take a while... so I am not going to start a countdown untill my list is fully created. As this creation may take a while, I am going to open up the lines for any suggestions on things that should go on the list... Hopefully this list and blog will help me cut down on my procrastination and my inability to stay focused and remember things. Mainly though, give me goals to work towards and personal drives to keep me going. Our lives need a little excitement. Well... we're off..................

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greetings everyone.... well I'm in New Mexico and I was able to complete my 99 list before I got here. As you may also see, I have all ready completed a few other goals as well; piercing, asheville visit and procurement of air-soft gun. Melissa and I went up to Asheville 3 weeks ago to get piercings and find wonderland. We first found wonderland and got some pictures and checked out their cool wares. We ate at this place that had the most amazing crab cake sandwich, it was delicious. Another amazing part is when some tourists asked me for directions and I gave it to them with ease and precision, just like a true member of the town. After this we went to the piercer and I got my tragus and melissa got her rook. Both came out looking awesome (pics on facebook). Asheville is such a beautiful city with lots of people that look like me. We got to enjoy some live music at a green by a band that played the marimba's (I think that's what they are, they look like xylophones but with tubes coming out the bottom). They were amazing, I have a video on facebook to check out as well. Weeks prior to all this though, my neighbor informed me that she had an air-soft gun, so I went out and purchased some orange plastic b.b's and proceeded to wait for the squirells to become a problem. Well, I wasn't able to take any shots at squirells as I think they are scared of me. The original reason I wanted to procure one was due to their incessant screeching, which I came to find out was due to mating and birthing season. I have captured pictures from each of these goals as well. Well, I am off to do some job hunting, please pray for God to provide me with an enjoyable job for this summer. With much peace and love....


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  1. "Asheville is such a beautiful city with lots of people that look like me"

    Literally laughed out loud at this sentence!