Welcome to my 99 in 999!!!

Welcome, so as of lately I discovered someone's blog who is doing this whole 99 in 999... which is basically obtaining 99 goals in 999 days. I first thought about how 999 days is a long ways a way and in a sense, it just gives me more time to procrastinate... but then I figured with some of the things I wanna do, I won't be able to do them in say just 1 or two years... so the 999 is pretty good. So at the bottom of this page, I will be starting to create my 99 list... this may take a while... so I am not going to start a countdown untill my list is fully created. As this creation may take a while, I am going to open up the lines for any suggestions on things that should go on the list... Hopefully this list and blog will help me cut down on my procrastination and my inability to stay focused and remember things. Mainly though, give me goals to work towards and personal drives to keep me going. Our lives need a little excitement. Well... we're off..................

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, I have 8 more days until I head out to New Mexico. The more important countdown is that I have 8 days to finish creating my 99 list, or I will be stuck with failing a goal this early in the countdown. So I will be taking alot of next week to forcing myself to finish this. I have started scouring the internet for goal like pages for ideas and continually find one here and there for my list, but I am still 20 shy. I have all ready completed atleast 3 of my goals so far, so I am looking forward to highlighting them once I officially start the countdown. Once I start I will blog about them and upload a picture or two of the completed goal. As I was writing this I came up with a few great ideas and think I will add them to my list... I guess Ill describe them here, as I am not sure my goal description will best describe my desire. After my list is complete, I want to print it out in very small old english font on parchment paper and design it so it looks like a tiny scroll. From here I will create a small satchel to hold the scroll. This way I can travel with my scroll and mark things off when I do them. This way I can also periodically remind myself of my goals.

I'm looking forward to creating my goal list for New Mexico, it will be much shorter than this one, but chock full of amazing adventures and outings.

I recently fulfilled a desire of mine, but it wasn't on the list, but should have been. I wanted to watch a movie outside in secret garden from a projector on a big screen. Last week I fulfilled this desire by creating a 70 in tv screen and hanging out my neighbors window. I will take photos of that too, it is amazing. The first showing featured "The Last Unicorn", last nights showing featured "Moulin Rouge". I am hoping to do one more showing before I head out and I think that a concert dvd would be wonderful.

Well, I'm off to add some things to my list.

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